Which women body part send fragrance attracts men most?

Women’s body will send out many different fragrances, including the perfume, variety of shampoo or cosmetics. Smart women will by adjusting the different fragrances to skillfully make men imagination extension.

So do you know how to attract men most by your body fragrance? Please read the following article, and then you will get a lot of useful information.


Experts claimed that men think women scent most sexy parts are shown as below. The first is the place after the ear. When you talk with a man, close to your ears area, and then send out the fragrance, so it will be very attractive, and will let him want to be more close to you. The second place is the neck part. The neck is the woman very charming place, and when hugs her from behind, his face to her neck, and will be drunk in the comfortable smell. Third part is the chest area. The chest is fatal attraction for the male, and if add some flavor fragrance, your man must not escape the palm of your hand. Finally is the hair. When a woman hair send out some very comfortable fragrance by moving your charming hair, it will let the man can’t leave your anymore.


In addition to different parts of cosmetic and perfume, the food can also enhance female fragrance. The most recommended is orange, grapefruit, pineapple and papaya. And this will be more nature way to be a attractive woman.


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