The Only 3 Ab Exercises You Need

The Only 3 Ab Exercises You Need

Build Your Sexy Core That’ll Drive Your Partner Crazy

With all the fitness videos and books out there it’s no wonder we all get totally confused and overwhelmed with doing one ab exercise after another in the search of getting that tight midsection.

But what if we were not only to take a different approach but to just chill the f””” down and just make the most of it with 3 exercises that are key to building that core foundation. You know the best part of it?  When your significant other puts their arms around you they are going to not feel a pear shape but rather a sexy core that will drive them crazy!

So next time you’re sweating because those reps are getting harder and harder remember the sexy core you are building and defining, it’s going to be so worth it.

Here we go…

Exercise 1: Targeting the lower abs

Almost all of the exercises you’ll see in the fitness magazines work the upper abs  but there’s no question about it, the hanging knee tucks are by far the best exercise to help you build those lower abs.  The good news is that by hanging and from a bar and using your lower abs to pull your knees to your chest you stimulate the lower belly muscles like none other. (View hanging knee tucks exercise here)

The Exercise Tip:  Yes this is a pretty hard exercise and you can simplify it by doing the same movement lying on a bench or even on the floor.  Once you get the ability to do about 20 reps you will be ready to move to hanging from a bar and raising your knees.

Goal: Your goal should be to get to about 3 sets of 10-15 reps with 30 seconds rest between sets.


Exercise 2: Targeting the upper abs

One thing I’ll guarantee you is that almost no one will explain the right way to do a proper crunch as what you’re just about to read! First of all, the exercise is not a revolutionary one it’s simply ab crunches, but one thing that I particularly like is doing the ab crunches on a stability ball.  The ball has numerous benefits such as reducing strain on your back and also bringing into effect all the surrounding muscles to help stabilize you. (View ab crunches on stability exercise here)

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