The Proven Way to Melt Fat Fast

The Proven Way to Melt Fat Fast

Drop the Extra Weight in One Step

I’m not pulling any punches for this one. If you’re looking for a serious way to melt fat and tone up fast, I’ve designed a workout that will impress you so much you’ll want to share it with your friends (yes go ahead please help us expand our content by sharing it on your social networks, it goes a long way!).

What is it? It’s a simple strategy to add to your current workout routine, and not only does it burn fat and get you in pretty great shape, it also enhances your energy levels in a serious way.

All you need is 11 minutes, and if you need to cut your current workout to fit this in at the end then go for it as the results will be worth it.

Here’s what you need to have in place before starting:

  1. Make sure you’re engaging in a focused, total-body workout routine that gets you at the gym at least 4 days a week. Check out this Workout Routine to Build Muscle for an idea of what I mean.
  2. Make sure you’re taking at least 2 days of rest every week. On these days, you can be active in other ways, but make sure you don’t push your muscles too hard.
  3. Last but not least, make sure you’re eating a diet that totally supports this approach to fitness. Take a look at my Fast Metabolism Diet for a basic idea.

Now, how to melt the fat…


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