4 Moves for Insanely Toned Abs

4 Moves for Insanely Toned Abs

Get Ripped in 4 Abdominal Moves

I was at the gym the other day and running short on time, but needed to fit in a solid ab workout. You’ve probably been in this kind of situation yourself, but luckily abs are the easiest thing to tackle when you’re tight on time.

In fact, with the right exercises, you can actually see pretty good results in just a few moves a couple times a week.

Today we’re going to review which 4 abdominal moves are the best when you’re short on time but still want to see results.

Now doing this routine once a week won’t be enough. But by taking 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, you’ll see insanely toned abs in just a few weeks.

Ready to maximize your ab workout?

Toned Abs in 4 Killer Moves

Hammer out the following exercises, keeping your rest periods between sets to no more than 20 seconds.

1. Ab Crunch on Stability Ball, 3 sets
Aim for 3 sets of this challenging twist on the classic crunch. Make sure you are keeping your core muscles stable throughout and not rocking back and forth on the ball. The balancing you need to do will totally tone your ab muscles.

To view this exercise, click here.

2. Russian Twist, 3 sets
Hold on to your stability ball, and grab a medicine ball to knock out 3 sets of this abdominal and core exercise. Balance is key for this one too, and it’s great for your obliques as well as your abs.


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