You’ve Never Had a Cardio Workout Quite Like This

You've Never Had a Cadio Workout Quite Like This

Get the Most Out of Every Step

Ugh! Having to do cardio can seem like quite the chore especially if your stress is hinging on the border of going ape-sh*t!

Since cardio is great for increasing your oxygen intake, boosting your heart fitness, and helping you burning a bunch of calories, we all know we need to get in. So what’s the trick to keep it interesting?

Maybe we just need to look at cardio in a different manner and implement different strategies that can still help that ticker ticking and your belly burning those calories like it had no choice but to just give them up.

7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Cardio

Alternate between Standing & Sitting

Whether you’re outdoors or in the gym, your cardio options usually involve either being upright or in a seated position. I always recommend to my clients to switch it up between the bike and treadmill, or the elliptical and rowing machine. You’ll hit different muscles.

Make Use of Hills

Speaking of resistance training, incorporating hills into your cardio routine is a simple way to step things up a notch and challenge your muscles. You can use the incline function on cardio machines, like a treadmill or elliptical, or you can make use of the natural variety outdoors.

Bonus Tip: if you ever get a chance to run barefoot on sand, go for it – it’s extra challenging and yet low impact so you’ll save your knees and burn 100 more calories every couple miles. 

Add Intervals

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