Eliminate Back Pain: How to Build Strong Back Muscles

Eliminate Lower Back Pain: How to Build Strong Back Muscles

How to Build Strong Back Muscles

Lower back pain can be a pain in the butt, especially when it gets in the way of you doing your everyday thing.

What’s important to remember is that your core muscles including your abs are surrounding your back muscles and what can help you eliminate the pain.  The added bonus is that it gives you that sexy midsection and an even better time with your slick moves in bed when you’re getting it on!

To help you build seriously strong back muscles this intense back workout is going to challenge you and give you awesome results.

The Pre-Workout Drill

Because your back muscles cover a big surface area, it’s essential that you have a solid pre-workout plan.

The first thing you want to do for a big back routine like the one I’m offering up is fuel your muscles. I recommend the following pre-workout nutrition plan when working on building strength.

  1. 60 minutes before your workout: have a time-released protein like Optimum 100% Casein Protein blended with half a banana to provide your muscles with the fuel it needs to go intense.
  2. 30 minutes before your workout have a preworkout like Essential Amino Energy mixed with ice and water.  The green tea extract will boost your energy and your motivation just in time for your workout.
  3. During your workout drink water mixed with some Evlution Nutrition: BCAA Energy which will nourish your muscles with amino acids to help with the wear and tear of your workouts.

Following the workout, try to get another decent serving of protein.

Alright, ready for my killer back routine?

The Hard-Hitting Back Routine You Can’t Live Without

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