Tone Up Arms, Belly & Butt: Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

For those who are short on time and want to get a total body workout in less than 45 minutes or for those who just want to add a little variation to their workout routine this plan is made for you.

A good intensive total body workout is great for jump starting your metabolism and boosting your muscle-building hormones in ways you might have never experienced. The end result is what we all want – less fat and more defined muscle.

For best results try this workout 3 days a week for 6 weeks or place it into your regular workout routine at least once a week.

Ready? Here we go…

Total Body Workout Routine

7 minute warm up session on Cardio Equipment of your choice (build up to a light sweat)

3 sets 12 reps Wide hand pushups (view exercise)
3 sets 10 reps Chin Ups (view exercise)
3 sets 10 reps Dumbbell shoulder press (view exercise)
3 sets 12 reps Barbell squats (view exercise)
3 sets 12 reps Dips Chest Version (view exercise)
3 sets 12 reps Barbell biceps curls (view exercise)
3 sets 30s Plank on stability ball (view exercise)
3 sets 10 reps Deadlifts (view exercise)
3 sets Hanging leg raise (view exercise)
3 sets 7 reps (each side) Dumbbell Lunges (view exercise)

End with 10 minutes High Intensity Interval Training on the treadmill to really blast away the fat.

Total Body Workout: High Quality Supplements

When it comes to the intensity of a total body workout and the demand that it puts on your body you may really want to seriously consider supplementing your diet with high quality supplements to make sure you give your muscles all the nutrients they require to repair and grow..


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